Star Trek Origins QA

st_tafelrunde_logoThe Star Trek Origins project runs since 2007, but while those years we were most working on the story and the puzzles in the background, we could finally work on some real game-contents in the younger past. I was very surprised when a mail from Star Trek Tafelrunde reached us including a request for an QA – though we haven’t been very active in public relations till now ;)

Last sunday my wife and I met the guys from that blog in a coffee bar to answer their questions. The result of that yo can now (part 1) and tomorrow (part 2) read on their website and get some more details on the idea of Origins and on some parts of the story.

I’m looking forward  for your feedback of course and – can’t say it often enough – about everyone who want’s to join us at Star Trek Origins.

If you are interested please mail uns at

Apart from that thanks a lot to Strifes and Turon47 for that nice afternoon and the opportunity for that interview. THANK YOU :)


Update – 16.03.2013 – 18:56: On Star Trek Tafelrunde’s blog part II of the interview is online now! :o)

On Course

Since there is silence for already a while I’d like to let you know why and that we’re still working on the game.
Everyone who has followed us till now knows, that our progress is unfortunately slow and we’re still in search for graphic-support.
In order that most of our time is used for the development, we will post news only sporadically from now on and only if the news is worthy.
I hope for your understanding.

Who is willing and able to help: you can still contact us at

Thanks in Advance and see you soon.

Situations vacant

You’re creative and a profi in working with Photoshop or 3ds max (or similar software)? Normally you think about ten locations and 20 new designs just before breakfast? You’re a Star Trek Fan from the beginning or you always wanted to work on a scifi-project? You’re playing adventure-games the whole day and nothing else? You have much time and you’re willing to invest it entirely unselfish?

The count of people on the world who fit the criteria above might have been shrunken to three or four while reaching the end of the list – You three or four out there, we’re looking for you! :)

We need help to create the scenes for Star Trek: Origins in ordner not just to create a fan-adventure, but to create THE fan-adventure. Though there is not just the direct conversion from concept-art to screen. To those who are willig and able to: you can also join for the conceptional-design and draw new scenes keeping the already created puzzles in mind. There are animation-tasks as well: Sceneobjects, Scenebackgrounds,Cutscenes, Characters … the latter are still in need to be finshed and Character-Artist Jörg has set the bar already very high ;)

The whole team behind Origins is working voluntary and invests it’s free time into the project. Everyone who wants to join has to be aware of this. Of course family, private life, school/study/job goes first – but it would be desirable if you could support the development of the game at least once a week. Of course a fulltime commitment on the other hand would be appreciated, too. ;)

So, who is able and who is willing to help: We’re looking forward to your messages at (some artworks attached would be great :) Perhaps then everything will work a bit faster and the people still know Star Trek Enterprise, when Origins is finally released :-P

Thanks in Advance


Welcome to the Bridge

After months it’s finally done. The bridge of the Enterprise NX-01 has been finished!

The special task here was to get as close as possible to the original by just using photographs and some 2D-plans. If there is something wrong at the bridge – or in general aboard the Enterprise – this would be a No-Go.

But enough said – here she is:

And a short making-of as well ;)

Origins comes to life

Some of you might have noticed: We’ve got reinforcement in our Team.
Jörg has only been with Origins for a short time, but what he did in that time is stunning!

I don’t want to keep you in suspense and present you the first character for Origins: Commander T’Pol.

The work on the character certainly will still take some time, but everybody knows – Vulcans are “complicated” ;)

Keep going Jörg! :)

First video of Han Solo Adventures

Now thats a good news! :)
Since a while I was following the Star Wars fan-project Han Solo Adventures and now there is a video online showing some game-scenes of Mos Eisley.
Looks – as the previous released screenshot – very good. Pure nostalgia and it’s STAR WARS! :)
We’re keeping our fingers crossed and wishing the creators furthermore good luck and a good progress!

Main menue

In the last weeks we were working on the look&feel of the game-interface and finally today we can offer a first look – curtain up for the main menue and with it the first real screenshot of the game.

It was our goal to develop a gui which feels like Star Trek Enterprise so our choice quickly was made to use the already established navigation- and displayconcept of the show.
But in the same time we wanted to transport the atmosphere of the game which is why the menue comes as build-in-version, like it would look like as a console in the ship. So the player navigates through the game, as he would stod on the bridge of the Enterprise NX-01. Because of the dark tone of the game – the war against the Romulans does not go well for Starfleet – we wanted you to feel that circumstance while using the gui. So it doesn’t comes typical star-trek-clean, but used and provisional repaired. There is no room for cosmetic repairs in times of a crisis..

While this first inside-look has to stand your critical eyes we are working on the first scenes. As soon we can show anything new, you will see it here – but you know… be patient with us ;)

your STO-Team.